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ADANA Volunteers

Volunteer Spotlight

We welcome new volunteers and we especially need those with knowledge of construction, electricity, plumbing.

Here are some ways you can help:


  • Working in the ADANA Shop

  • Managing collecting tins in a local area

  • Helping to clean the kennels, dog walking and socialising

  • Hosting/helping with coffee mornings

  • Holding a garden party or other fundraising event

  • Collecting  towels and old clothes for use at the kennels

  • Collecting good quality second hand clothing and bric-a-brac for sale in the shop and online.

Anyone wishing to support please contact 

Paws patrol.PNG

Every Sunday we have a group of amazing volunteers come to ADANA to walk and socialize the dogs  They are affectionally called the  PAWS PATROL .  Ian and Vesa and Mandy and several of their friends      They have been coming for quite a while now and have made a huge difference to lots of the dogs at the shelter.  They don’t just walk any dog, they focus on the dogs which can be reactive to other dogs, , the giant dogs which have never been on leads before and can pull you down the mountain if you don’t handle them correctly.  The socially awkward dogs which never want to leave their pens.  And the dogs which are beyond excited to be going for a walk that you can hardly get them to stand still to put a lead on them   Their time and love and care has been a great benefit to so many of our dogs.   Not only do they take the dogs out for great walks, they have been able to socialize them,  take them swimming.  Teach  them manners and commands  and enable them to become more well adjusted and balanced happy dogs.   Many of the dogs when they first arrived at the shelter  have  to be kept in large pens on their own as they were aggressive with other dogs . Now most of them have room mates or a girlfriend, just how it should be.
Thank you so much guys, you really mean a lot to us here at ADANA
Ian Ryles  has written his own little story for the Olive Press, who liked it so much, they have asked him to write regular updates on Ian and the ADANA dogs .  Well done Ian.  He has gotten to know some of these dogs so well, he is a great advocate for ADANA.

Read their story at

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