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How to Become a Sponsor 
Often dogs arrive at the Adana shelter in a terrible state from broken limbs to head injuries, from malnutrition to deliberate harm. Your Sponsorship could help give them safe, warm Kennels. You could give them the vital care they need to recover and you could give them a team of voluntary dedicated experts to play with them and show them they are loved. 
Your sponsorship money will give our dogs:
  • Cosy Dog pens. 
  • Nutritious food and specialist supplements
  • Expert veterinary care including vaccinations . 
  • One-to-one attention and loving care from our dedicated staff
  • Helping finding their forever home. 
Start your sponsorship now, just download the form below and email to Shellie at



Our handpicked group of talented and trustworthy professionals are known as atlaspool, atlasbuild and atlasgarden; together we are Atlas Group.

The team manages the entire project behind a build or renovation, allowing the client to sit back and watch the transformation. By bringing together the experts, the company can consistently fulfil their customer promise, delivering excellent value for money and a beautiful finish. 
Mike Gregory, Director General of Atlas Group says, "Atlas Group first sponsored a kennel back in 2014, when I adopted my dog Max, and since then we have continued to support this worthy cause. The entire team at ADANA do a fantastic job and we congratulate them on their dedication and hard work."

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