Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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Success Stories

Happy Endings: China

"I did not know the day I named this boy that he was going to break into little pieces and require someone to patiently put him back together. A gorgeous scared soul who certainly has been on a journey. He arrived at Adana 02/04/2011.

"He was always shy and reserved, he just did not get noticed, and we knew our busy shelter was not the best place for him. He had a chance of a foster home where he would experience daily human contact and everyday household noises which would help him adjust. During his trip to his foster home he managed to escape from the van in Oxfordshire and it took 5 days to 'trap' him. This along with his existing shyness I guess it all took its toll. When he arrived to his home he was shutdown, in pieces.

"China is most fearful of people - he will shy away or freeze and cower. He has very slowly improved: now he will greet his carer with excitement and a very waggly tail but won't come close enough to be stroked. He waits until they are sitting down (i.e. 'safe') and then he'll come for a treat and will daily come and ask for a stroke but any sudden movement and he is gone.

"We were searching for a special home for him. One with patience which would be understanding and undemanding. WE FOUND IT. China's foster mother, who I must add has been outstanding, delivered him to his new home yesterday and he seems to settle rather quickly. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mel for all her work and rehabilitation and of course the new family that have dedicated the rest of their time to China."

Michele Yanez-Bowker