Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
CIF: G29463635

Success Stories

Happy Endings: John

"Hi, we just wanted to share our success story with you:

"One Saturday we were going to ADANA's shelter just to play with the dogs and to take some of them for a walk. We saw cute dogs everywhere, from puppies to older dogs just looking at us and asking to be taken out for a walk. As we were just about to take one small and lively dog for a walk, we saw John walking in from outside very slow and being a little bit shy, whereas the other dogs were jumping for joy and barking as they knew that one of them would be chosen for a little walk outside the shelter. At that moment I knew that John would be the one for us and I was sure about that after our walk. He was calm and already then had the signs of being very affectionate and friendly.

"We thought about getting John for a week and the next Saturday we picked him up. The first weekend we got to know each other and of course moving to a new home was a big step for little John. The only problem we had with him is that he was not house-trained, so it took us a little while to get him trained to do his business outside. Apart from that, he has turned out to be such an adorable little dog and we love him very much. He loves his walks on the beach and in the park and is also very fond of food, he could pretty much eat anything! He has learnt to sleep in his own bed but sometimes he prefers to be close to us and to sleep in our bed. He has a lovely personality and is also very entertaining with his own little ways and silly little things he does He loves to be petted and to be close to us, and all he really cares about is being where we are and enjoying his time with us.

"Adopting John has brought so much happiness to our life, and he is now an important member of our little family. We couldn't imagine our life without him anymore and we are looking forward to many many happy years together!"

Carl and Tiia