Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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Success Stories

Zack - the runt of the litter

Marley and Zack
Marley and Zack
In response to the June newsletter, we received the following:

"Just a few pictures of our beautiful boy Zack. We rescued him from ADANA in August 2010 so he will be 2 this summer. He was dropped off at ADANA together with his brothers and sisters, poor thing. It was my partner together with his brother that visited the installations in Estepona and he knew he wanted Zack as he was the poor little one on the bottom of the pile."

"He was so little when he was brought home, smaller than his siblings but see him now, He grew into the beautiful, proud, big but kind dog. And oooh is he a softy! His favorite thing is snuggling with us on the sofa or in front of the fire in winter. And now we have an addition to the family! Marley is a pedigree boxer that we brought down from Granada (my partner has always had boxer dogs since he was a child and now i see why he is so fond of them.) Both dogs got on like a house on fire from the very first day! They keep each other company and brings out the best in both of them!"

"Anyway, attached are some pictures, I hope it inspires people to support ADANA as they really do their utter best for the animals and even after a dog has been adopted they were fantastic."

All the best,

Six podencos get new homes in Holland

On November 21, 2011 six podencos left Málaga for a new life in Holland thanks to PodencoWorld ( an animal charity based in the Netherlands. Nelson, Pandora and Pluto from the ADANA shelter, Camper from a shelter in Los Barrios, Teun from the shelter of Animales y Plantas de Málaga and Fonsi from Granada rescued by six Spanish young people.

Watch the video of their journey:

Trevor and Frankie

It was last August (2010) that Trevor and Frankie, a golden retriever and black cocker spaniel arrived at the kennels in very sad circumstances.

Their owner, Trudi Martland had rehomed them before leaving Spain to return to the U.K. only to discover that the new owner had promptly abandoned them in a garden in Bel Air.

She brought them to ADANA with the hope that we might be able to rehome them together or that they could have their blood tests done and could then go back with her.

She didn’t get the tests done as there is then a 6 month delay before the dogs would be able to enter the U.K.

George - formerly Trevor Knowing that Ann and Pieter Somer were looking for this type of dog, we called them and Trevor went almost immediately to live in Sotogrande and is now known as George. Ann and Pieter would have loved to take Frankie as well but felt unable to take on two dogs. The following is a quote from Ann: “We rescued a very frightened boy who wouldn't even go for walks, now a walk is the highlight of his day. He is a wonderful, loving and perfect pet for us. We are blessed to have found him”

Frankie took a few more weeks before being spotted by Lorraine Beale on 1st October. She saw Frankie on our website and was so upset by his story having been separated from his lifelong friend that she fell in love with him and bought him as a silver wedding anniversary present. Frankie with Alfie and LouisLorraine already had two other English Cocker Spaniels; Alfie and Louis and had heard about ADANA after moving to Spain 7 years ago. She looked at all the refuges on the Costa del Sol and we were one of the two refuges she was drawn to. She says:
” He follows us everywhere we go and is rarely seen without his teddy bear, he gets on so well with the other two dogs and is so well behaved when we take him to our groomer Rachel at Posh Pets. I hope that Trevor has also found his forever home and that he is happy, I often think of him and how hard it was to be separated from Frankie and also think of the family that left them both but I am grateful every day that they did because we couldn't imagine life without him now.”

Peggy the Seafaring Puppy

Peggy In August 2010 we received an email from Wendy and Rory who spend much of their life at sea and were looking for a suitable canine companion to share their life - on and off shore. They had a Westie in mind but not having many of those at the kennels Helen got on the case and suggested "Dixie" a very cute Jack Russell cross.

They came up to the kennels from Álhaurin el Grande, narrowly missed Dixie ( by about 5 minutes) and noticed little Peggy. The following is an extract from their first email:

"Thought you would be interested to hear that Peggy coped remarkably well with her first 10 days as a 'SeaDog'.....she was thrown in at the deep end as we had friends staying with us as well, but she took it all in her stride. I know that all parents say this but she became very embarrassing to take anywhere as everyone fell in love with her. It became impossible to do lead training because too many people interrupted to say what a beautiful puppy. She made friends with so many people it was amazing. Tell Helen, that we only had one accident on board, she always used her litter box."

... and their second
"Hi Margery and Friends

For your interest I have attached a Picture of Peggy and her new friend, The Kitten befriended Peggy a couple of nights ago whilst we were walking her in the Orchard. Since then they have been inseparable.....we actually have to lock the kitten out to get her to go home.

Thanks again,
Wendy and Rory"

Sadie and Bruno



Lola was found in a dustbin and brought to us at the Dog-show.

She has been a very lucky one!!!! The picture we received from her new owner tells you the happy end of the story!