Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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Success Stories

Burtie finally finds a home

Burtie finds a home

Burtie has been at ADANA since July 2007 and was thought to be institutionalised after one failed adoption a few years back. We asked our secretary to foster him during the recent building work as he is an older dog who would find the whole thing disturbing.

Knowing Burtie's background Jayne agreed to foster him but truly did not have high hopes of him finding her home and other dogs and cats a place of sanctuary. But he wandered in and soon found his quiet corner. He did not bat an eyelid at the cat - first hurdle completed. He waited until his walks to do his business - second hurdle completed - and then he worked his way into their hearts - mission completed!

We are proud to announce Burtie is not institutionalised and will not be coming back to ADANA. He has been adopted by Bill and Jayne Fisher to spend his twilight years with love and comfort. All good things come to good dogs who wait!

Five years at ADANA and Tally finds a home

Tally arrived at ADANA 25/08/2008 as a puppy. She waited and waited for her special adoption day. There were times we started to believe it may never happen for her. We decided to make her "Dog of the month" hoping to raise her profile. It did just that and in October 2013 she was adopted. We were a little concerned, wondering how a dog that had been in our care for five years would adapt to a normal home.

Here are a few words from her new owner 'What a great dog!! Tally ticks all the boxes and we have all been smiling for a week now. She is playful, runs really, really fast up and down the driveway, and so far, there have been only minor fluff-ups with the cat. We feel lucky to have found her and she seems to enjoy just about everything - well, except for the glass patio doors that have bruised her nose a few must hurt to hit it at a full gallop! But, she is adorable, so we do plan to keep her.'

We are delighted that Tally has found the home she deserves and patiently waited for. It brings us hope for all our dogs.

Pingu on holiday in Spain

Pingu on holiday in Spain 2013
Pingu was adopted in 2012 by Janneke Meijer from Holland. Here is a picture of Pingu back here in Spain on holiday this summer (2013). Wonderful to see!

For more fab photos of the holiday from Janneke Meijer click here


Ruthie and Friends September 2013
The dog in the middle of the photo is now called Ruthie and she is footloose and fancy free with her new family in the U.K.

She was at ADANA for 8, yes eight, years !!!. Another organisation from the U.K. helped us re-home her. As you can see she has settled in well. She is an older dog who many just did not give a chance. There is certainly life in this old dog.


Tes201307Tes arrived at ADANA in November 2010, aged approx 3 months old. He waited patiently and did not push him self forward to potential adopters. His lucky day came in July 2013, when his new family came to collect him.

Having already adopted a dog from ADANA the previous year, the couple now thought the time had come to adopt a playmate for their dog Brandy (was Seta). Tes is now living the life he deserves within a loving home with another 4 legged friend.


PrudencePrudence arrived at the shelter on 1 May 2013. When the vet examined her she noticed her leg was abnormal. After X ray it was clear she had a broken leg.

Prudence had her operation 17/06/13 at Pointers Clinic vets, Estepona, where her leg was amputated. She was later adopted by one of the staff there. She has adapted to her three legs very quickly and should live a happy, hopping life.