Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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Success Stories

Happy Endings: White One (now Shadow)

Shadow (was White One)
When Volunteer Amanda Buss was asked to take an injured dog from the kennels to a local vets for treatment, she couldn't have imagined how things would turn out:

"I first met Shadow 11 months ago when I went up to ADANA one Saturday morning to do some cleaning and walk some dogs. Hayley Garratt-Day and I were greeted by Fernando who told us not to bother putting our wellies on and get back in the car, as there was a casualty who needed to be taken to the vet. Seconds later out he came with a pitiful looking dog, covered in bite marks. So, off we went down to the vet, where we held and reassured Shadow while he was prodded and poked, left him while he was stitched up and picked him up later in the day to return him to the kennels. The following day, when I went up to ADANA, Shadow recognised me immediately and even though he could barely walk, his tail wagged and the gratitude he felt was totally evident.


Happy Endings: Rosie and Rex

Rosie and Rex
Diana Black says:
"We relocated to Spain 3 years ago from Florida and as our situation felt more settled we adopted our first ADANA dog, Rosie, in December 2011 when she was 12 weeks old. One attempt at re-homing her had already failed and she was a bit of a handful in the early days but she quickly became part of the family, hugely entertaining and loved by all. She can be bossy, is very determined and strong willed but she is also very loving, funny and her protective instincts are second to none.

"As all my ADANA friends know, the circumstances of my second adoption were a little unusual! I always say I went on the ADANA March with one dog and came back with two for that is exactly what happened. Rex had been adopted out as a puppy only to be returned at 6 months due to a change in his then owners personal circumstances. He had been back at ADANA for 3 months, a great favourite with all the volunteers, when he was brought out with some of the other dogs to walk in the March. As soon as I saw him, I knew it was meant to be. His resemblance to Rosie was and continues to be striking. We are constantly asked what breed they are and whether they are mother and son. Rex is a great big softie, he makes a great playmate for Rosie and his playful ways keep us amused. At 14 months he continues to grow in confidence and he has been a great addition to the family.

"Both dogs now travel with us between Spain, France and the UK and we get nothing but positive comments wherever we are. I would have no hesitation in recommending ADANA to any potential adopter. I appreciate how hard the volunteers work entirely in the interests of the animal's welfare with few resources."

Happy Endings: Heinz (now Paco)

Heinz (now Paco) with Lola
Heinz was found at Estepona Golf and was brought to the shelter on the 29/05/2013. He soon bonded with all the volunteers as he refused to stay in a pen while we were all there working only deigning to go in, like a normal dog, when were leaving. He could be quite timid and submissive when he wanted but he also knew how to turn on the charm and ingratiate himself with everyone. The only problem was every time someone showed interest in adopting him he ran away and hid under the desk in the office. After a whole year of searching for a home for him we were starting to think he would never be adopted as he spoiled opportunity after opportunity cowering away under the desk like a beaten dog!

Finally a family from Belgium came and Heinz chose them. He literally cuddled into them placing his head in their lap then he turned and went to Helen, the adoptions officer, climbing up her leg and staring her straight in the eyes as if to tell her 'These are the ones for me!'

Heinz stayed with the Requena family for a few days at their holiday accommodation so he was comfortably settled with them before his short flight to Belgium. He is now happily settled in his new, somewhat colder home and very much in love with their little Chihuahua, Lola, and she is rather enamored with him! In such a short time he has grown in confidence and from the photos it looks like he has grown in stature too!

Raffles and Bailey

Hello my name is Raffles and my Mum adopted me three years ago from ADANA in Estepona. We had a tricky time at first. Her Spanish was not so good and I was fluent. But she taught me English and I learned quickly.

I love to please my Mum. You see, my last owners threw me out with my three babies when they were only days old. ADANA looked after all four us so well and to say thank you to ADANA and all the kind people that work there, I fed another eight puppies that didn't have a Mum. It was a busy time but I was happy to share my milk with the other babies.

My Mum spotted me when my own babies were only two weeks old but she said she would wait for me. She had an old dog called Yanni who was nearly 17 and who had travelled all the way from Dubai with my Mum. I looked after Yanni too because she was deaf and blind but she was the boss. Age before beauty I always think!!

My Mum brought us both back to Scotland two years ago. Well, I know I'm a Spanish Water Dog BUT..............all this rain??? Ummm I just don't like it. I hate going out in it and getting wet but I do love my walks and so I've learned I can't have one without the other! I do like playing in the snow though.

Last September, my old friend sadly died and I miss her. She was 18 and I hope I live to be that age. My Mum has said I can finally have a new friend and quite soon, Bailey will be coming from Spain to live with my Mum and I. I just can't wait and I am so excited.

Bailey is younger than me. She's only two. Maybe, this time, I'll get to be the boss and of course, I might have to teach her English too.

Mum and I went out for dinner the other night. I KNEW I shouldn't have jumped up to the table but I do like to sniff a wee glass of wine - well actually anything my Mum has I want really. I never quite understand why everyone tells me to get down. I'm just trying to be friendly with everyone and join the party.

I'll let you know how Bailey settles in with us. I wonder if she'll like all this rain?


Digby in his new home Digby was dumped on the doorstep of the ADANA shop and his passport thrown on the desk. The person who did this walked away oblivious to the cries of protest from passers-by.

He was taken to the ADANA kennels to be cared for. It was noticed that his vaccinations were several years out-of-date which was speedily rectified by our vet. Despite the abrupt change in his circumstances and his understandable bewilderment, he was a friendly little dog who endeared himself to the kennel staff. But the weather was horrible, the winds cold and it was raining. He developed a cold and a cough. Aged nearly 14, he clearly could not stay long in the kennels and his plight was posted on the ADANA website.

Dave and Annie Millington saw the post, Annie came to see him and he went home with her. Once in a warm home, his cough and cold soon disappeared. He goes for walkies on the beach, enjoys a regular brush, a warm bed and the sofa, and best of all, all the love in the world. Thanks to a caring couple, this brave cheerful little dog now has a forever home.

Socks (now Lopez) and Birte

Socks and Birte ADANA Volunteer Sandra Kincaid was out walking with partner Mary Page and canine companions Azor and Xena when she came across a happy little Podenco who wanted to make friends with her dogs.

While the three dogs were happily socialising, Sandra chatted to the Danish lady with the Podenco and discovered that he was a former ADANA dog, Socks, adopted in July by Birte Roseqvist, who had visited the ADANA perrera after her dog had been killed by a neighbour's bulldog. Birte had understandably been distraught but was deeply impressed with the kindness of ADANA's Fernando, who had comforted and consoled her and helped her find another companion. Socks, now known as Lopez, is now very happily settled with Birte.

"I often meet people who have adopted ADANA dogs when out with my own dogs",says Sandra. "It's lovely to see so many happy people and happy dogs and shows that we really are making a difference."