Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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Success Stories

Happy Endings: Fairy now Tuli

Another fantastic thing that has happened as a result of our association with Calpe College is that one of the puppies we took to the school last year was adopted by a student.

Here Leo tells us in his own words how it came about:

"One day Adana visited Calpe School with two puppies. One of them was white and had a black patch on her face. The dogs name was Fairy. I liked the puppy a lot, but I knew that I needed to ask my parents if we could adopt her. My mum said she needed to think about it. After a few days I asked again. This time my parents said we could adopt the puppy. My mother looked for the telephone number of Adana to see if we could find Fairy. The next day my parents gave my sister and me a surprise when they picked us up from school. I remember them walking into my school with the puppy. I was so happy to see the dog. When we arrived home we named the puppy Tuli, because her new home was in our urbanization called Tulipanes. My family is very happy that we have a new member, and I think Tuli is very happy also!"

Leo Thomas Muñoz (age 7)
Calpe School

Happy Endings: Russa

"I had decided the time was right to adopt a dog to join my home with me and my 2 cats. I live right next to the largest park in Brighton and work from home so I had a great setup. All my life i have only had rescue dogs and i decided i wanted to give an older dog a home who really needed it.

"I had a charity called Animal Angels Global on facebook and discovered they had a programme called Nobody Wants Me, Fogotten Animals. I contacted them and explained my home situation and asked them to find a dog they thought would fit in to my home perfectly and boy did they.

"I was sent the details and a video of Russa a 7 year old Podenco cross. I was told she had been in the shelter for almost 7 years. I fell head over heels in love. And so I began the task of adoption.


Happy Endings: Alva and Sirena

"My boyfriend and I adopted Alva and Sirena in the beginning of June. I was the one who brought Alva to you in the first place so it was nice to be able to adopt both her and a friend. Now we live in Norway and the girls have settled in well.

"They've experienced a lot of new things! To name a few: wooden floors (sooo scary to walk on at first), sheep, horses, big groups of people, small children, drive a car, fly a plane, the Norwegian outdoorslife and so on. They are both very lively but they also have time to cuddle. We love them to bits! I've attatched a "few" photoes of our lovely girls.

"Best regards,"
Maria and Ricky

Happy Endings: Punky (now Alfie)

When Punky first arrived at the shelter in March of last year, he had absolutely no manners and to be quite honest he was a nightmare. It was virtually impossible to go into his pen without him escaping and, as he was so strong, it took several people to get him back in again. Walks with him were also a highly unpleasant experience as he pulled so badly and paid no attention to instructions.

After a while a decision was made to give Punky a chance to be loose outside so he could burn off some of his energy. He then also started to go for walks off the lead and even learnt his name. He soon realised that hanging out with humans was really cool and didn't even bother to tag along with the walks any more as he preferred to stay at the shelter and get his tummy rubbed. The transformation of this lovely dog has been totally amazing.

Read his story and you will realise what a very clever dog he is:

"Recently we moved into a house where we finally had the space to own a dog of our own. We were looking for a young, female, small to medium size dog and so this is exactly what I emailed to Adana when I said I was interested in possibly adopting a dog. I flew over to Spain for my Dad's birthday a few weeks later and casually mentioned that I might go and visit Adana. When we pulled up, a large dog came bounding towards the car. We were a little tentative about opening our doors because this dog seemed to be waiting for us to get out of the car! We opened the doors slowly to see what this big brown dog might do and to our surprise he was the biggest softie ever! I turned to my mum and sister who were with me and I said "I really like this dog", to which my sister replied that the dog seemed far too nice to not have a home and that he was probably one of the volunteer's dogs.


Happy Endings: Lola

"Hi I'm Lola, a Podenco cross. When I was six months old I was brought in as a puppy to Adana. After two years of sitting there in a cage a sweet lady took me out for a walk. During the walk I met my lovely new owners Mia and Marc and my little brother the dominant chihuahua, Senna. We went on the road together and I clicked right away with the whole family. I was immediately taken home by my new family.

"I'm so happy, I now live in a big house with a garden and pool where I like to swim. I am spoiled every day with delicious food, biscuits and sitting on the lap of my boss. Every day we go to the beach for our big walk and at night I sleep with my little brother next to my bosses their bed in a large basket with thick cushions. Me and my brother are spoiled and have had such fun at Christmas because we also received presents and had a festive meal with turkey. I am very happy and got lucky with my nice and loving owners. I really have a wonderful life.

"Big Kisses"
Lola, Senna, Marc and Mia

Happy Endings: Samira (now Bonita)

"My story with Bonita began at my work place: Valle Romano. Surrounding the golf club there are lots of hunters' houses, who have lots of dogs that they throw out as if they are rubbish when they are no longer of use or become too old. Bonita was one such dog, they used her for breeding, a podenco making machine and as soon as she got too old, they threw her out. One day I found her as a stray and from that day on I left her food and clean water every day. She was petrified of humans and it was impossible to touch or stroke her. But all that changed this summer, when one day I went to find her and she wasn't there any more.

"I was desperate with worry until I was told that a Swedish family, who already knew the shelter, had taken her there so she could have a better life. And that's where the second part of this story began. I started to go up to the shelter every Sunday to see her and walk her and I could see for myself that she was fine and well looked after. Then, after pleading with my husband, we made the best decision ever; to take her home. And today she is part of our life along with our big dog Ñajo who welcomed her 'with open paws'. Today Bonita is enjoying early retirement surrounded by people that love her and look after her like another member of the family. Thanks to her I was lucky enough to find out about ADANA, see with my own eyes what great work they do there and I fell in love with the place so much that my husband, children and I are all now volunteers. Thank you ADANA for looking after Bonita so well!!!"