Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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Success Stories

Happy Endings: Ninja now Nina

Ninja (Nina)

"Ok guys and girls of Adana – no handouts cus I can’t write – then nor can cats so they aren’t as clever as they think they are! If you can’t hear me at the back of the pen just bark!

"Firstly NEVER GIVE UP HOPE! Remember Sherlock? It’s what he said to me when I arrived. He’d been at Adana for long a time but knew there was a human out there who would love him one day – it was just a matter of time! I never forgot those words, they would prove to be my salvation. He always made me laugh did our Sherlock, going for a ‘little walk’ occasionally just to wind up the humans for fun!


Breakfast with Paco (Heinz)

From the Requena family who adopted Paco (Heinz)

Happy Endings: Isco now Bobby

"It started the first day I went to volunteer cleaning the ADANA Kennels, when I arrived at one of the pens there was a very sad looking dog in the corner being picked on by another, after a quick word with Fernando, Isco as he was called then was moved to another pen and seemed happier although still looking sad, I could tell he hated being there.

"The following week I made an effort to make a fuss of him which he seemed to enjoy, what a friendly little dog he was. A while later whilst cleaning a run of a pen a few away from Isco's I noticed there were no other dogs outside apart from one little sad brown face peering over the wall at me watching me work, well I thought you are going to have to come home with me, and so he did a couple of weeks later when the necessary paperwork was completed and supplies obtained.


Happy Endings: Zeus now Dexter

"Having already adopted Pearl and Sidney from ADANA, who I would like to think are enjoying their own happy endings, and already owning two rescues who moved over from the UK with us, I was NOT in the market for another dog!

"I had a soft spot for a couple of the dogs at the shelter: gorgeous puppy Dan who is growing into such a big lad now and little Megan with the deformed leg, how would she ever find a home...and had been dropping hints to hubby about the possibility of another, but 4 big dogs was more than enough and realistically I knew that.

"And yet when a fellow volunteer sent me a picture of new arrival Zeus, it was as if a switch had been flipped, there was absolutely no question, I had to have that dog. So I forwarded his picture to Phil with a message saying 'we have to have this dog' and incredibly the reply came back, 'yes, go and save the dog!'

"When your doggie family already consists of a lurcher, a greyhound, a German shepherd/podenco cross and a galgo what breed of dog do you choose to join the clan? That's right, a 39kg mastin español! So within 3 days Zeus became Dexter and that's when the fun really started.


Happy Endings: Chuck now Rafa

Rafa before
"Just want to share our excitement that our adopted German Shepherd, Rafa, has just tested negative for Leishmania and the experience in getting there.

"We adopted Rafa (formerly Chuck) from Adana early July 2014 knowing that he had tested positive for the disease. The implications and process was explained very carefully to us by Helen and the Adana vet. His blood count was 400/1 at this stage. Initially, he had a course of very strong medication purchased from the Adana vet. Three weeks after the end of the course, he had a blood test which showed 80/1 so he was heading in the right direction.

"He then was under our own vet and had to have a course of injections along with twice daily medication in tablet form. The injections proved a little stressful (for us!) as Rafa is such a baby so with the help of our lovely vet he completed this course and had another blood test. During this time he still had to take the twice daily medication. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, the second blood test showed that it had gone up a little bit to 140/1 so he started the course of injections again.


Duncan's First Year

"Hello all!

"Just wanted to send a little update as it is a year today since Dustin (was Austin) arrived in the UK. What a year it has been!

"Dustin is doing really well and is a very happy boy. We are now living in Shropshire, where Dustin gets to see lots of his best friend Finn (my Mum and Dad's rescue dog). Upon arriving in the UK, Dustin was quite nervous of new people but he is now so confident and loves meeting new people and dogs.

"He is an absolute star with my 9-month-old niece, he loves her to pieces (especially when she throws food from her high chair). He loves getting out and about and has travelled all around the country with me. Everywhere I go, people comment on what a lovely dog he is and I always tell them about Adana.

"I just wanted to thank you all so much for the work you do and for helping me find my wonderful dog. I am so proud of him, I certainly struck lucky when I stumbled upon your website.

"I have made a little video with some of the things me and Dustin have been up to in his first year. I thought you might like to see:

"Many thanks and warmest wishes,"

Mollie xxxxx