Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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Success Stories

Martin gets a forever home

ADANA has a proud record of finding forever homes for our dogs. We care for and cherish all the dogs in our care but now and then one particular dog naturally attracts more attention than others.

Martin was one such boy. A huge friendly young Mastin, brought to us by his elderly owner when he grew too big to handle, Martin, who was so gentle and unaggressive that he was allowed to wander freely in the yard, became a firm favourite with staff, volunteers and visitors.

But of course what Martin wanted was a forever home and we were all delighted when a lovely couple came to take him home. Now Martin has settled in with his new companions, Mr and Mrs Bowden.

A Love Story

The day began badly for Diane Olufrio...things just weren't going well. Until she came to the ADANA kennels and saw two little bundles of fur...and it was love at first sight.

Diane just couldn't put down the two adorable pups, Cannon and Daisi, and the two lucky dogs have now a new forever home with the delighted Diane. Everyone was happy...Diane, the ADANA Team and of course the two lucky pups.

Sam now name, new home, happy new life

Jimmy and Lesley Riley, of Cancelada, are keen dog lovers and were grief-stricken when they lost their two beloved pets, Romeo and Hugo, two affectionate and gentle Rottweilers. So they waited a while before deciding to give another dog a loving home. A visit to the ADANA perrera resulted in love at first sight and and to a new home and new name for ADANA dog Sam.

Sam, now Samson, has settled happily into his new home with his new Mum and Dad...happiness all round and another happy ending for a dog that once nobody wanted.

Happy Endings: China

"I did not know the day I named this boy that he was going to break into little pieces and require someone to patiently put him back together. A gorgeous scared soul who certainly has been on a journey. He arrived at Adana 02/04/2011.

"He was always shy and reserved, he just did not get noticed, and we knew our busy shelter was not the best place for him. He had a chance of a foster home where he would experience daily human contact and everyday household noises which would help him adjust. During his trip to his foster home he managed to escape from the van in Oxfordshire and it took 5 days to 'trap' him. This along with his existing shyness I guess it all took its toll. When he arrived to his home he was shutdown, in pieces.

"China is most fearful of people - he will shy away or freeze and cower. He has very slowly improved: now he will greet his carer with excitement and a very waggly tail but won't come close enough to be stroked. He waits until they are sitting down (i.e. 'safe') and then he'll come for a treat and will daily come and ask for a stroke but any sudden movement and he is gone.


Happy Endings: John

"Hi, we just wanted to share our success story with you:

"One Saturday we were going to ADANA's shelter just to play with the dogs and to take some of them for a walk. We saw cute dogs everywhere, from puppies to older dogs just looking at us and asking to be taken out for a walk. As we were just about to take one small and lively dog for a walk, we saw John walking in from outside very slow and being a little bit shy, whereas the other dogs were jumping for joy and barking as they knew that one of them would be chosen for a little walk outside the shelter. At that moment I knew that John would be the one for us and I was sure about that after our walk. He was calm and already then had the signs of being very affectionate and friendly.


Happy Endings: Shola and Cookie

"Where do you start when considering getting a dog for a pet? Do you think about the breed – size, temperament, appearance? Do you only want the latest 'In' fad designer dog? Or do you just happen to see a cute little puppy and think 'Oh, it's SO cute! I’ve just GOT to have it!!' and six months later, decide your carpet and furniture are more important and the puppy isn’t 'SO cute!' any more, so it is taken to the local shelter, or worse?

"Unfortunately, there are thousands of dogs who end up in shelters or abandoned every day, all over the world. That 'cute puppy' grows into a mature dog, very likely not knowing house manners, how to trust a human, or even how it will get its next meal. This is the unpleasant reality. This is where rescues like ADANA come into the picture, and where you can make Magic happen.