Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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Kat gives life to new-born pups

ADANA volunteer Kat White discovered via Facebook that seven puppies not more than a day old had been found dumped in a bin. She decided to offer to take charge of the poor pups which needed much care and hand feeding, just as well as they were very weak and near to death. Kat and her daughter put the pups in a cardboard box and watched over them and kept them nourished and germ free until five of them were strong enough to be taken to the ADANA Perrera to be found a new home, two of them staying with Kat.

Kat has done a really great job and there can be no doubt that she saved the lives of these puppies. She says she is really proud that she beat the cruel and callous man or woman who left these pups to die. We at ADANA are so pleased that Kat was willing to give the sleepless nights, the care and love to give these loveable little pups a chance of life and the forever homes that they will most certainly find. We are unable at the perrera to give the 24/7 care pups so young need to survive so we are so thankful for people like Kat who says she would happily do it again.