Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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Update on shelter after heavy rain

Heavy rain affected much of the province of Malaga over the first weekend of December and the ADANA perrera suffered, along with many homes, shops and other businesses in the Estepona area. Concerned as always for the welfare of our dogs, a brave team consisting of Board member Peter Roberts and Staff members Viktor and Carlos braved the elements and drove up the treacherous path to ensure the dogs were safe and had food and water. Board member Reg Winkworth set out to accompany them but on leaving his house found his neighbour's garden wall had fallen onto his van, crushing the driver's side.

There is one problem at the kennels, the Maintenance Team are working on fixing the water supply used for drinking and cleaning. Our water at the perrera comes from a stream high in the sierra above the kennel and the connector pipe often becomes dislodged under the force of heavy rain. At the moment whilst awaiting repair we are buying in bottled water to ensure the dogs have drinking water. We would be grateful for any offers of bottled water, old towels, bedding etc. to help keep our dogs warm and dry in this cold wet weather. The ADANA Board wish to assure all our members, volunteers, friends and supporters that everything is under control and our dogs are happy and safe.