Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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A visit from the Estepona Scouts

Visit from Estepona Scouts
ADANA firmly believes that education is a vitally important part of our job. Teaching people, particularly children, about animal welfare and the benefits of spaying or neutering your pet can only help the long term situation of abandoned and ill treated animals here in Spain. To this end, we are happy to visit local schools and groups to spread the message and also encourage planned visits to the shelter.


Spotlight on Fundraising

Fundraising is possibly the most essential part of ADANA'S work. Without it we would not be able to help the thousands of dogs that have passed through and will continue to pass through the shelter.

It costs approximately €8,000 every single month to keep the shelter open and provide care for the dogs.

We do not receive any financial help from local government or the town hall - every cent we receive is obtained through fundraising.

We have a fundraising group made up of volunteers, whose job is to come up with new and interesting ways of raising money, as well as organising and co-ordinating all events. At the October meeting they set out their plan for the coming year, ideally one event a month and then at subsequent monthly meetings they will start to bring each one together.


ADANA's Online Shop

ADANA's online shop
Volunteers Michele and Amanda have recently launched an online shop which can be accessed through Facebook. The aim of the shop is to sell donated new and quality pre-owned items with all proceeds going directly to ADANA.

Michele says that in this technological age online shops, particularly those selling secondhand goods, are extremely popular and an excellent way of raising funds.


Update on building works at the shelter

We reported last November that the Estepona Town Hall had begun extensive works at the shelter. These works are essential in order to meet the standards required to obtain the Nucleo Zoologico, the vital operating licence the we must have in order to be fully compliant with the law.

Work has been slow but at last we can see the improvements to the outside pens. The pens to the right have been levelled and concreted with steps going up to the runs. A perimeter fence has been erected, concreted at the base to stop the dogs from escaping (let's see if it can keep Sherlock the escape artist in!).


The Pointer Clinic

Hayley at the Pointer Clinic ADANA prides itself on giving every dog in our care, any medical treatment that it may need. Our on site vet, Friederike Dohrmann is fabulous and works tremendously hard, however she does not have a fully equipped veterinary surgery at her disposal, x rays and certain operations need to be done elsewhere.

So with two recent arrivals both needing x rays on problem limbs, one of our volunteers was tasked with a trip to the Pointer Clinic in Estepona. Megan and Caeser both had old injuries upon admission into the shelter. After initial treatment and checks by our vet it was decided that x rays would be required to identify the exact nature of the problems and therefore find more effective treatment.


Adoption fees to increase 1 Oct

We at ADANA do everything possible to ensure the very best of care for all our dogs. This is achieved despite often working within tight financial constraints.

For us to continue to offer this level of care and to bring us in line with other local shelters, our adoption fee for ALL dogs will increase to €150, with effect from 1st October 2014.

The adoption fee covers the following:
* EU Passport
* Vaccinations including the two mandatory (in Andalusia) Rabies injections
* Microchip
* Worming
* Castration/Sterilization (Puppies should be returned to ADANA at the appropriate age, for neutering)
* Food and veterinary care prior to adoption

Our "Nobody Wants Me" Dogs

A Nobody Wants Me ADANA Dog
Some shelter dogs just seem to be overlooked. Most of these dogs have been at the kennels in excess of six years. Some are hard to place due to their age, some are ill and will possibly need medication and some have problems where they need a special kind of home, where they can grow in confidence.

It is these dogs that have been receiving special attention by an organisation called Animal Angels Global. They run a programme called Nobody Wants Me and have been quite successful finding homes for a few of the dogs at ADANA.



We desperately need regular monthly income - bread and butter money that we can count on to help meet our costs.

We are therefore extending our sponsorship scheme by asking businesses and individuals to sponsor a dog, a pen at the shelter or the Veterinary Clinic on a monthly basis for a minimum of twelve months. There are options to suit every pocket: from 5€ a month to sponsor a dog to 1,000€ per month to sponsor the clinic. Please take a look at the list of options on the sponsors page of our website to see if there is any way YOU or YOUR BUSINESS could help us to help even more abandoned animals?


Good-bye to 4PAWS! - by Vivian Eales

Michele and VivianMichele Yanez-Bowker
& Vivian Eales
Little did we know that when we came to Spain in a 25 year old Campervan in 1997, how our lives would change!

We had decided that we wanted to leave the UK, but had no idea what or where we wanted to go! When we stopped in Estepona, and went to Longmans Bookshop, we quickly became involved with ADANA, and all that it entailed!