Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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This Month's Super Dog - Dan

Dan the Lovable Rogue, looking for his Valentine?

Dan was born in March 2014. One of ten puppies born to the dog of a homeless man. He is tan and brown, rough haired with the longest, waggiest tail. He is one of our larger dogs, Dan's legs just kept on growing when those of his siblings stopped months earlier. He loves his food and the treats he cleverly manages with soulful eyes to wheedle out of us - this would be an ideal way to train him. He walks well on a lead and is very obedient on his walks, especially if he can smell out a treat in an unsuspecting pocket. He is the most lovable rogue and a firm favourite with the volunteers who take such good care of him in the kennels.


Asociación Canina de Estepona dog food collection

Many thanks to the Asociación Canina de Estepona who organised the 19 December food collection event for Adana and Mirada Libre Estepona where over 1000 kilos of dog food was donated by the people of Estepona. Hopefully this is just one of many events where we can all work together to improve the lives of mistreated and abandoned animals.


This Month's Super Dog - Recti

Why hasn't Recti found his forever home?

Recti is almost 4 years old and has been at the shelter since he was a puppy. He is a beautiful boy who always gets noticed but never gets chosen and we just don't know why. He is slightly larger than most Spaniels but this just makes him more unique.

Many volunteers have a soft spot for Recti and enjoy taking him out for a walk as he is great on the lead and can also be walked off the lead. He loves going for a paddle in the river and also really enjoys cuddles.


A Christmas message from our President

Dear Members and supporters,

I can hardly believe it is December already, 2015 is coming to an abrupt end and what an incredible year it has been for ADANA in it's 25th anniversary year.

A spectacular array of events were organised to raise funds for our shelter and I would like to thank everyone involved for their time, energy, compassion and generosity, it is truly appreciated. It is sometimes difficult to convey just how much of a difference you make to our animals but without you, it would be impossible to operate.


"I'm a super dog, get me out of here!"

To coincide with the return of the reality TV show, "I'm a celebrity get me out of here!" we are going to showcase some of our wonderful dogs, which for one reason or another, seem to get overlooked. First up is a two for one mother and daughter combo who are just hoping that they will soon be voted out (adopted!) of the shelter.

"The people at ADANA say I am a Podenco born 2010. They have called me Ferdi and think I look like a bewildered fawn! Myself and my son, Pablo, were brought here 13.08.15 after we were found alone in the El Padron area of Estepona. I cannot remember much about what happened before I was found except for the intense pain in my back leg. People think I may have been caught in a hunter’s trap and managed to free myself, with my leg healing naturally, thereafter. One of my back paws is missing but I can walk just fine using the other three.


A Dog is for life, not just for Christmas!

A well worn slogan that's still as poignant today as it was when it was originally used, in an advertising campaign, over 35 years ago.

The holiday season is traditionally a time of year when people add four-legged friends to their families. Children aren’t at school and adults are on leave from work making it convenient to adopt a pet, however, Adana urges families to think about pets beyond the holidays.

Many people decide to adopt at this time of year, but we would encourage families to think beyond the Christmas period to what lifestyle commitments may be on the horizon for the entire family.


ADANA 100 Club

The winners of the 100 club draw for October and November are:
October - ball 89 - Sandra Walker-Kincaid
November - ball 5 - Jayne Fisher

The clue to what the 100 club entails is in the name. It is a monthly draw of just 100 numbers in which participants can win a cash prize. It is a highly successful way of raising regular funds (particularly in the UK) by schools, charities, sports groups and associations.


ADANA working with...Podencoworld

"Podencoworld was founded as an animal charity in The Netherlands on October 4, 2011. Podencoworld Netherlands is a non-profit organisation that helps abandoned, neglected and abused podencos in Spain and Portugal. We work closely with various animal shelters in these countries. Our team consists of highly motivated volunteers who are all unpaid and enthusiastically committed to the welfare of the podencos in need.


Christmas Raffle help needed

We started selling our Christmas raffle tickets in October. The draw will take place on the 18th December. We have some fantastic prizes, including a week's stay in the Marbella Villa (shown below). We still need volunteers to sell these tickets.

We printed 300 books with 50 tickets in each (1.50 euro for one ticket, 5 euros for 5), so we need:
300 people to take one book each, or
150 people to take 2 books each, or
75 people to take 4 books each ...............

I think you get my drift!