Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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Party in the Park - 31 May

On Sunday 31st May 2015 we celebrated our 25th Anniversary at Pedregales Park and it proved to be a great success with a fantastic turnout and a wonderful atmosphere.

Jazz band Transatlantic entertained the guests with their mellow music whilst tapas, paella and vegetarian chilli were served along with plenty of liquid refreshment of course! Entertainment also included face painting, a bouncy castle and yoga to keep the children occupied, all provided by Adana's amazing volunteers.

Estepona Television came to report on the event and interviewed Fernando and the video clip can be seen here.

The park was full of dogs, including 20 that had been walked down from the shelter. Although some of the shelter dogs were nervous of the loud music at first (some had not been out of the shelter since they were puppies), they soon adapted and enjoyed all the attention they received. One by one the dogs were paraded onto the main stage by their handlers and were introduced to the guests - their moment to shine. In fact Daisy, the biggest dog at the shelter, managed to touch the heart of one of the volunteers at the event and she was adopted by him a few days later!

Although this was more a celebration of ADANAs work over the last quarter of a century than a fundraising event, we still managed to raise a healthy 500€ and hopefully raised our profile in the local community in the process.

As always we would like to thank the following, without whom, this event wouldn't have been possible:
All our fantastic volunteers, especially Amanda for co-ordinating the event.
* Robbie, our amazing 'sound' guy
* TransAtlantic for their fabulous music
* Rebecca from Galaxia for the bouncy castle
* Angela Ferguson and Bonnie Walker, Face painting
* Kirsty Wells, Yoga
* Alzheimer's Association Estepona for their donation of supplies
* Estepona Ayto for providing the tables
* Maripepa who made and donated a wonderful paella
* Marco Hirschmann, photographer, a selection of photos can be seen here.