Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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Madeline Bell and David Lenker ADANA Benefit Concert - 18 July

Madeline Bell fund-raiser at The Gran Hotel, Benahavís.

The opening speech by the President of ADANA brought tears to the eyes of the many ADANA supporters as well as the Madeline Bell life-long fans that were present:

"Adana is celebrating it's 25th year this year and I am disappointed to say we are still very busy caring for animals that have been abandoned. Our job is challenging on many levels. The physical challenges are many: our shelter is in the middle of the countryside, at the top of a mountain which is accessed by an unfinished track. We have no clean running water, we source it from a near by river and then purify it. We have no mains electricity, we rely on solar power and generators we have no fixed phone line and rely on satellite.

"We rely on volunteers to keep the shelter running 365 days a year. Unfortunately we only have the resources to open the shelter for 5 hours a day which means the dogs are left alone for 19 hours per day. We currently have 155 dogs in our care and work very hard to keep them healthy and happy while trying to find them their ideal home. We never put a healthy dog to sleep and we never give up hope.

"We receive no government funding and rely solely on money donated to us by the public, people like you. For this we say 'thank you'.

"We then have the emotional challenges. We have to try to understand the reasons that dogs find themselves at the shelter: puppies by the box load due to an unwanted pregnancy, old or sick dogs who have become a burden due to health issues, dogs from a home environment who are surplus to requirement, dogs who have been abused and have escaped their tormentor, hunting dogs who are no good at hunting, strays who have never been in a home.

We have to try to understand how these dogs feel when they arrive at the shelter: petrified, abandoned, confused, anxious, desperate, relieved even. We have to try to understand how to help all the dogs in our care. A stroke, a cuddle, a walk, eye contact, a voice, food, water, consistency, stability, security, most of all love and ultimately a forever home. We also have to try to understand that we can't help them all. This is the hardest part! We do our best but sometimes our best isn't good enough. We need EVERYONE to do their best."

Madeline, a veteran performer with many big names over the last few decades proved her versatility in many ways, opening with a Beatles song (With a Little Help From my Friends) and inviting the audience to ask her any questions that they could think of. Her charismatic personality and bluesy voice soon had everyone clapping and standing with old favourites like Killing me Softly, Feelings, The Look of Love (written by her old friend Hal David), Stand By Me and of course, her no 1 hit with Blue Mink Melting Pot. They had several top 20 hits in the 60’s and 70’s and Madeline has lived in this area 35 years. Finally her rendition of Whole World in His Hands was outstanding and I don't think anyone present wanted the evening to end.

Altogether, including a raffle, €2,507 was raised which goes a long way to paying for food for 3 months!!!

The canines of ADANA send a big thank you to the organisers, David Lenker who was fantastic on the keyboard, Lick Fm for the warm up and interval music, The Gran Hotel, Benahavís and Manifesto Design who designed the tickets, poster and slide show. Also the attendees and mostly Madeline, for giving up her time and supporting them to raise much needed funds.