Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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2nd Annual March Dog March - 15 Mar

This years ADANA March march was a huge success. Taking place on Sunday 15 March 2015, the turnout was overwhelming especially considering it was UK Mothers Day.

Beforehand we suggested that people may want to join our event and walk one of our shelter dogs, we had such a tremendous response and with the help of our devoted and hard working team of volunteers we were able to transport and walk 30 of our own dogs.

Starting from the Bull Ring in Estepona, approximately 60 dogs and walkers proceeded along the Paseo ending at Cafe Tolone. It really was an imposing sight, the comments received from the public were delightful, they could not believe how healthy and well all our dogs looked. One lady even asked how we had time to groom them all that morning before the walk! We promptly explained that they we not groomed, they are always in the same good condition. As we have come to expect, they all behaved impeccably, which is quite incredible given that for many this is the first time they will have experienced a noisy 'moving' world.

We managed to raise awareness of the good hard work we do and have been doing for 25 years and how our love and devotion to the abandoned dogs will never stop. As long as the public keep supporting us, we will work tirelessly to find homes for the dogs in our care. We handed out 200 leaflets to help promote pet neutering. If we can get this message heard then maybe there will be less unwanted pets.

And following on from last year, we also had one adoption. A lady had volunteered to walk one of our dogs and had mentioned to her sister that also joined us, that she was thinking of getting a dog but it needed to be small, calm and get on well with her cat. By pure luck the dog that had been assigned to her was a small Podenco maneta called Pepsi. Pepsi is a timid dog that never pushed herself forward at the shelter and therefore had not been noticed before. The two of them soon bonded and by the end of the March Pepsi did not board the van to return to the shelter, instead she boarded her new owners car and went HOME!

And so once again thank you to absolutely everybody who made this event so successful, ensuring that it has become a firm favourite in the ADANA events calendar. Special thanks to Daniela for volunteering her services as a singer at a future event and to Kristie at Cafe Tolone for providing water for the dogs.

As if raising awareness of our work, securing an adoption and the commitment of new volunteers wasn't enough, this event raised an incredible amount of money as you will see set out below.
€357.20 March registrations and donations, collected on the day
€809.10 donations, collected solely by Helen Oldfield prior to the event
€1166.30 GRAND TOTAL

I am sure that absolutely all of you will know or have heard of Helen Oldfield. An ADANA supporter for many many years she has single handedly raised thousands of euros, sold thousands of raffle tickets and collected thousands of raffle prizes to enable us to continue with our work. Words alone cannot express our gratitude for all that she has done and continues to do.

From us all, humans and dogs, past, present and future, Helen you are a truly amazing and inspirational lady. THANK YOU