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Sam Hall talk on the Vikings - 2 June

Palacio de Congresos, Estepona - 2 June 2014, 7 pm.
10 Euro entrance fee.

WESTWARD WITH THE VIKINGS - A Fascinating Video Presentation on the Viking Expansion Westwards.

When Sam Hall was assigned by News at Ten to cover the story of the most authentic replica Viking ship ever built, he didn't realise that he would be sailing in it - or that he would be on board when it almost sank 90 miles out into the North Sea in a near gale.

Every detail of the replica ship was identical to the original hull discovered in a Danish fjord. In this richly illustrated and moving video presentation, Sam shows how modern day Vikings built her and ultimately sailed her around the world, surviving a near hurricane in the process.

Following in the wake of the outlaw Viking chieftain, Eirik the Red, and his son, Leif Eriksson to Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland, Sam interweaves his "not always comfortable" personal experiences with proven Viking history, focusing on the achievements of the Vikings, who discovered North America long before Columbus, who never actually set foot on the American continent.

"Historians have given the Vikings a terrible reputation for rape and pillage," he says. "but they were no worse than anyone else, including the early Christians and Irish monks, who slaughtered each other with alacrity. In fact, the Vikings gave to society far more than they ever took from it and it is gratifying to know that this year the British Museum and other historians are finally recognising that fact."

In this fascinating talk, Sam explains why, a thousand years ago, many Vikings were forced to seek new lands to farm abroad, how they built their ships and navigated them beyond the edge of the known world, and even established a regular shipping line between Norway, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland when most of the rest of the world's nations were hugging their coastlines in coracles and canoes.

A talk not to be missed.