Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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The ADANA Dog March - 22 March

Great ADANA Dog March raises money and awareness

Over seventy happy dogs and their owners marched through Estepona on Saturday, 22 March, in an hour-long walk from the Estepona Palacio de Congresos to the Port.
Dog March March 2014
The March, which was organised by ADANA Board member Michele Yanez-Bowker, was aimed at raising funds and more importantly public awareness of the work of ADANA.

The dogs were all fitted out with blue bandanas bearing the ADANA logo and their human companions were supplied with ADANA T-shirts and baseball caps.

'It was a really great day out for everyone, dogs and owners', said Michele. 'A lot of people asked us about ADANA and we were able to tell them about our work and also about our forthcoming Annual Dog Show which will be held at the Estepona Palacio on Sunday May 4th'.

Michele, who is planning a sunset walk later in the year, said she wished to thank the officers of the Estepona Policia Local who accompanied the dogwalkers and Café Tolone and Bistro del Puerto for their kind welcome to dogs and humans.

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