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June paella party raises more than €500

All eyes were on the Renault Kangoo as a steaming hot paella, one metre in diameter, was slid out and carried into Plaza Manilva outside Longman's Bookshop in Estepona and placed on long table. At once, some sixty people jumped to their feet and rushed forward to be served. It was the annual paella party in aid of ADANA , made by volunteers of the local Alzheimer's Association and paid for by MaPepa, well known helper in the ADANA shop.

What a delicious paella it was, too! Africa, assisted by Maruja and Victoria, had been up since 7.00 in the morning to prepare the freshest of ingredients and, most important, make a rich stock from some of the prawns so that every grain of rice absorbed the flavour. While the paella began to cook on the vast ring, they prepared a wonderful green salad with a generous addition of tuna and olives.

Sangria, made by Maria and Paca, was already being poured liberally into glasses and an atmosphere of contentment filled the little cobbled square.

Conchi, President of the Alzheimer's Association, served the paella along with ADANA President, Maria, and MaPepa while ADANA volunteer, Sean, ran the bar. Over 500€ were raised for ADANA, thanks once again to the great generosity of the Alzheimer's Association and MaPepa.