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Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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ADANA Dog Show - 8 May 2011

The XXIst annual ADANA dog show was held in the Palacio de Congresos in Estepona.

This year we had a new date and some new classes. The agility and obedience classes were adapted so that more novices or complete new comers can participate. The new classes emphasise the relationship between owner and dog and responsible care for your pet when out together in public.

The following is a list of the winners:

Results of the 2011 ADANA Dog Show

Class One - ADANA Fun Course
1st Laura Lopez Bueno with dog Enya.
2nd Carol Holmes with dog Leya.
3rd Marco Ato Serrano with dog Kai
4th Tina Lee with dog Freud

Class 2 - Highest Jumper - small dogs
1st, Squirdle handled by Sally Russell
2nd Dice handled by Sophie
3rd Scruffy with Georgia Willetts
4th Coco with Inger Bergman

Class 3 - Highest Jumper - large dogs
1st Kai with Marco Antonio Serrano
2nd Lee with Eva Partida
3rd Zeus with Nando Brown
4th Enya with Laura Lopez

Class 4 - Obstacle Class (Agility) for small dogs
1st Rolo with Rufus
2nd Pincho with Sacha Norum
3rd Richardo with Elizabeth Warren
4th Smasher with Anita Mackie

Class 5 - Obstacle Class (Agility) for large dogs
1st Sabi with Wendy Faber
2nd Kai with Marco Antonio Serrano
3rd Juanie with Denise Walker
4th Mickey with Roger Westrop

Class 6 - Round The Clock (Jumping Course only)

Class 7 - Advanced Obedience
1st Smasher with Anita Mackie
2nd Coco with Inger Bergman
3rd Mickey with Jenni Smith
4th Squirdle with Sally Russell

Class 8 - Best Trick
1st Enya with Laura Lopez Bueno
2nd Lucky with Alex Leete
3rd Gracie with Rachel Webb
4th Ares with Maxim Chaica

Class 9 - Good Dog Test
1st Sabi with Wendy Fraser
2nd Mikey with Roger Westrop
3rd Lucky with Alex Leete
4th Molly with Heidi Fenn

Class 10 - Food Distraction
1st Molly with Heidi Fenn
2nd Cactus with Nando Brown
3rd Ted with David Hewitt
4th Lulu with Sally Russell

Class 11 - Child Handler
1st Hugo with Teá Milla
2nd Zeuss with Ainara Quesasa Retamero
3rd Dice with Sophie
4th Leya with Carol Holmes

Class 12 - Best Puppy (over 6 months and under 2 years)
1st  Lupo with Sabrina Wrench
2nd Jack with Robert Tyndall
3rd Bimbo with Sharon Haley
4th Molly with Ben Wates

Class 13 - Best adult (2 to 5 years inclusive)
1st Daisy withHannah Tribak
2nd Roxy withGavin Morrison
3rd Kai with Marco Antonio Serrano
4th Bruno with Thomas Faye

Class 14 - Best Senior (6 to 10 years)
1st Truffles with Sonia Longman
2nd Tomsky with David Warr
3rd Bertie with Jenni Smith
4th Otta with Sharon Haley

Class 15 - Best Veteran (11 years and over)
1st Einstein with Francesca Lee
2nd Harry with Sonia Longman
3rd Tosca with Jacqui Brown
4th Cactus with Anne Simoen

Class 16 - Dog with the waggiest tail
1st Scruffy with Sebastian and Gavin
2nd George with Ann Somer
3rd Bruno with Faye Thomas
4th Mickey with Jenni Smith

Class 17 - Dog most like its owner
1st Bimbo with Sharon Haley
2nd Candy with Pepi Guillen
3rd  Roxy with Gavin Morrison
4th Freud with Tina Lee and Ickey with Dominique Alker

Class 18 - Dog with the cutest face
1st Zeuss with Ainara Quesada Retamero
2nd Campéon with Silvana Rolón
3rd Freddy with Barbara Morris
4th Enya with Laura Lopez Bueno

Class 19 - Best Ex ADANA Dog
1st Madison with Brenda Cuby
2nd Pretje with Anton Terlaal
3rd Daisy with Barbara Sallisbury
4th Millie with Gabriel Wood

Class 20 - Judges' Favourites
1st George with Ann Somer, Campeón with Silvana Rolón, Otto with Sharon Haley, Truffles with Sonia Longman and Boytkie with Giles Lane

Best in Show Einstein with Francesca Lee

Best in Show
Einstein with Francesca Lee

Youngest Dog Handler
Oscar Purdy, 15 months
handling ex-ADANA dogs Matty and Poppy Yorkie

Long Live the ADANA Dog Show!

A really wonderful atmosphere this year ... grinning owners, smiling, waggy dogs, and not one snap nor snarl between the organisers or the many dogs in such close proximity. Thanks to all the pets who brought their well behaved owners along, having brilliantly trained them. Thanks for the participant’s letters of praise which arrived next day and the compliments as we left that evening. I am pleased to have helped co-organise such a fantastic, satisfying, and happy Estepona day.

David McNally, former ADANA Vice President, went out with a bang, on this, his fifth and final show before taking time out to enjoy his deserved retirement, while remaining a staunch ADANA supporter. This was the second Dog Show in the cool of the Palacio de Congresos, rather than outdoors. The format worked well and raised over €4,000. Next year ADANA hope to have many more children and young owners in the ring. They enter free. See my photo (above) of 15 month old Oscar Purdy who had already got the hang of being in control, with ex Adana Yorkies Matty + Poppy.

In my dealings with the Palacio and all Departments in the Ayuntamiento, I wish to express my sincere appreciation for their amazing collaboration, and to highlight just how willingly and amiably all those Departments helped my requests for Show Ring equipment and facilities free of charge, and delivered ahead of time.

A special mention for Maria Jose Rivas of Infra- Estructuras at Puerto Sol, Estepona Port, and to Mayor David’s secretary Nekane, who kept me up-to-date of his rapidly changing movements, keeping their promise to attend the Dog Show smiling and relaxed, in the last days of his hectic campaign.

All municipal Personnel kept in close touch with me by phone to alert of changes, leaving nothing to chance. Considering the coincidental ELECTIONS and the SAN ISIDRO Romería and Feria, this was never used as an excuse. Estepona town’s co-operation helped the show’s success, allowing us to arrange essentials from other sources, and NOT last minute. We spent a couple of days tearing around in our Jeeps loaded with tables, dustbins and squidgy balls. ADANA thanks the ladies of Alzheimer’s Assoc for their dozen tables needed again so soon next day for the town Feria.

Being forewarned by the Palacio they had no time to clear after the huge event going on til the early hours, allowed us time to appeal for our “60 Minute Makeover” to clean the hall ourselves. The response (to our Webpage) from young volunteers to do a really dirty clear-up job, was magnificent. Special thanks to Laura, Adam + Emma and the Dalmatians for getting in touch with me the day before, and to all those who wielded a broom or mop coping with the public flooring area coated with spilled cooking oil, and congealed chocolate sauce which worried early doggie arrivals. No one ever thought the doors would be open to the public in a fit state, and with the rings set up, and on time. Thanks to a sterling effort by all, the public had no idea of the bombshell including 100s of chairs, just an hour earlier.

Thanks to David McN, to Eduardo, Director of the Palacio, and thanks to everyone who contributed to its success : the united nations of volunteers, caterers, stall holders, generous sponsors, solo raffle organiser extraordinaire Helen Oldfield, and most of all thanks again to all the impeccably behaved DOGS who showed us all how to behave and how much they truly enjoy having fun. Well done all of us for doing so much for Our Beloved Animals.

....... Paulina O’Connell, Deputy Event Manager to David McNally VIP (VP retired)