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Picture Cat Show - 19 Sept

The Picture Cat Show held at the ADANA Dog Show on 19 September 2010 at the Palacio de Congresos in Estepona was a great success with 59 entries.  The judges found selecting the winners very difficult as the cats were all so gorgeous and obviously so well loved!

Unfortunately some entries came in too late to be printed and thus entered, while some were only delivered late on Saturday.  Those received, but too late for judging, were still displayed.  Next year you will have much earlier notice of the show and so lots of time to get your winning entries in!


1st - ALBA - Annabel Gibb
2nd - MITZY - Helen Oldfield
3rd - HEIDI - Richard

1st - MISTY - Barrie Beaufort-Dystart
2nd - BALU - Paqui Alvarez Rusillo
3rd - HOUDINI - Greg and Joan Stone

1st - TARIK - Sonya Mc Kay
2nd - PEBBLES - Sandee Spanjer

1st - SHAYDIE - Sonya Mc Kay
2nd - JUANITA - Penny
3rd - MINNIE - Penny

1st - BLUE - Monica Guerrero
2nd - SHAYDIE - Sonya Mc Kay
3rd - JUANITA - Penny

1st - TINKERBELL - Penny
2nd - BELLA etc - Sonia Mc Kay
3rd - CAMPO KITTENS - Sonia Longman

1st - CHOCO - Nicolas Andersen
1st - ELLIOT - Sonya Mc Kay
2nd MC TAVISH - Audrey Shakesheff

1st - CLEMINTINA - Sonia, Hermione Longman
2nd OLLIE, etc - Ann and Piet Somer
3rd SHAYDIE etc - Sonia Mc Kay

1st - NELSON - Sonia Mc Kay
1st - TWO TONE - Steve Kay
1st - BW - Nina Montalbano
2nd - MAGIC - M O'Connel
3rd - PELUSA - Paqui Alvarez Rusillo

Picture Cat Show 2010Congratulations to the Picture Cat Show Winners! Thank you, every one of you, for entering and making the day such a success!

Prizes (1st prize) and Certificates can be collected from Maria at the ADANA Shop in Camino del Padre Cura (off Av. Juan Carlos 1 in Estepona).

A big and grateful thank you to Tessa Swan of Swan International College for sponsoring the printing and donating the lovely prizes and certificates. She also helped me set up the stage and judge the pictures on Saturday and helped all day Sunday. Without her I could never have managed or produced such a wonderful display. A big thank you also to Michael, my husband, for his hard work and input!

Those of you who came to the show will, no doubt, have admired the lovely tranquil cats and kittens that were on display in cages. You will also have recognised them from this ADANA website! They were some of the abandoned cats from my little sanctuary/cattery. I took them along in the hope that we might find loving and permanent homes for one, maybe two of them... but NO - a miracle!!! FOUR of them found homes. Blossom(Belli), a lovely 10 year old black and white boy whose owner died many months ago, found a new home with someone who had actually known his "mother". Freddi-Lou (Freddi Girl), a 5 year old part Ragdoll, was selected by a delightful lady who wanted a special companion. Gorgeous, adorable black Jake who had been one of my rescue kittens well over a year ago and homed to a lovely family who unfortunately lost their jobs and had to return to the UK, went with new little tabby girl, Bobbi, to a fabulous cat woman who had come to the show armed with her cat box, determined to adopt a companion - and left with the two of them!

Another happy ending is that our little Juan Antonio, who was born by cesarean section to Bone China seven weeks ago, leaves on Friday to go to his new family in Coin. They have waited patiently for him since they saw the picture of him on this website many weeks ago!

We have 7 gorgeous kittens still waiting for homes, please see "cats for adoption". They are well adjusted, happy kittens who get lots of love and spoiling. They are all together in the cattery, in their special "nursery", where they get lots of stimulation and where Bone China and Kiss look after them! You are welcome to come and meet them and remember, they go on a week's trial to ensure that you both like each other! They go free, with love, only to special families who will love them for life -20 years with luck! - (donations gratefully received, but not obligatory).

Thank you to all of you who so generously, at the Pic Cat Show, put donations in our big bottle - we counted 135€. This will purchase Spot On to keep away the itchy fleas we get here in the Campo!

Nanette Roberts