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Paella Party - 3 Sept 2010

Paella Party at 1.30pm in Plaza Manilva, Estepona (outside Longman's bookshop) on Friday, 3 September.

Conchi will be making the paella again with salad, wine and ice cream with chocolate sauce included.

Tickets are €10 from the bookshop, for more information please call 952 80 0975.

With 48 hours to go only 22 tickets were sold for this annual event and the only paellera ( special paella pan) available was for at least 50 portions. The only possible solution was to pray for late bookings and to sell portions " para llevar" ( take away).

Hermione and Sonia's bush telegraph seemed to do the trick as in the end 57 tickets were sold with some over for helpers and also some to take home. Luckily Eddie was on hand to help lift the pan into the Adana van from the kitchen of the Alzheimer's Association, who had once again donated and made the wondrous dish. Mary Page did a great job on the bar ( well supported by Keith Audas and Mike Grady who were anxious that no red wine be left unsold) and serving sangria – also donated by the Alzheimer's ladies.

Helen Oldfield, as ever, sold raffle tickets, the new Adana turquoise vests were also on sale and a grand total of € 700 was the end result.
Well done to all but especially to Hermione and Sonia for hosting and coaxing, Conchi and Africa for donating , cooking and serving and Mike for sterling services to the bar.