Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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ADANA Dog Show - 28 May 2017

Best in Show: Mia with handler Amy Rarsel
The 27th ADANA dog show was held at the Palacio de Congresos in Estepona on 28 May 2017.

In spite of everything, this year's Dog Show broke the previous fundraising record.

The date wasn't the best but the only one available, there were two competing events in nearby municipalities and it was perfect beach weather...but in spite of all that, the ADANA Dog Show brought the charity more income than the previous years' events.

Several hundred people visited the show and enjoyed the competitions, the various stalls offering craft goods and refreshments and a variety of ADANA branded merchandise and were entertained by a display by the Estepona Police Dog Team, the students of the Pena Flamenca EStepona, and a parade of ADANA dogs, all of which and more are available for adoption from the ADANA shelter.

President Mary Page thanked everyone who had helped make the show a success and said that although she was nervous as it was the first time she had put the Show together, the fantastic team of people made sure everything turned out well.

The ADANA Team are planning more events for the forthcoming months, including an Italian night, a Paella Cava and Flamenco evening, and a Friday night Estepona Dog Walk.