Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
CIF: G29463635


3rd Annual March March - 13 March

Once again we held our March March. This is the third year we have organized this event and each year it grows in size. Primarily we use it to showcase our dogs and to promote shelter dogs to local residents, hopefully promoting the ethos of 'don't shop, adopt'. It is also an ideal opportunity to publicize the work that ADANA does and raise our profile within the community.

28 ADANA residents attended, wagging their tails, doing their very best to try and find that special someone to adopt them and in fact one little dog was noticed. We are hopeful that the family will come up to the shelter to adopt him.

In total approx 93 dogs marched along the paseo in Estepona, all shapes and sizes, all incredibly well behaved, a wonderful sight, causing many stares and lots of interest. On top of all this, we managed to raise in excess of €1600, with an astonishing €1050 raised single handedly by the fund raising whirlwind that is Helen Oldfield. Huge thanks to Helen for her Herculean efforts.

Organising the March is a huge team effort, from our President co-ordinating the event, Manifesto designing our posters/flyers, and our staff preparing the dogs, to our committed volunteers who provide their time in helping transport the dogs and walking them. We would like to offer our thanks to all those special people and of course to everybody who took part and marched with us.

See you all next year!