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Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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26th Annual ADANA Dog Show - 24 April

The 26th ADANA dog show was held at the Palacio de Congresos in Estepona on Sunday 24th April. There were 20 different classes, the Judges Favourite proving to be the most popular but also including, best ex-ADANA dog, dog with the waggiest tail and agility classes. This years Best in Show went to Brooklyn a rescue dog owned by Alvaro Infante, many congratulations to you both.

Alongside the classes, visitors had approximately 30 stalls to peruse, selling a wide variety of items including jewellery, bags, jams and chutneys, clothing and doggie products. There was also cava and tapas available in addition to our ever popular cafe run by Trish and her team.

We also had the Unidad Canina, Police dog unit from Estepona. With their Belgian Malinois dogs they treated us to a wonderful display of obedience, detection of drugs and defense work.

As is customary at our recent events, we had some shelter dogs in attendance at the show. 9 dogs made the journey down the hill to have a look round and hopefully get noticed for future adoption. Thanks to the volunteer team for ensuring this is a safe and pleasurable experience for them.

As we always mention, the dog show is one of ADANAs biggest fundraisers but also one that takes the most organising. So huge thanks to David McNally and Jayne Fisher for doing an amazing job and making it look so easy!

Thanks to Puerto Alto Vet who not only donated all the money from goods sold on the day but also gave ADANA all the unsold dog food.

Judges Steve, Nazli, and Anna - many thanks for casting your expert eyes over the many different shaped and sized dogs that were paraded before you throughout the day.

Thank you to our dog food supplier Navarro Zoovet for donating Arion speciality dog food for the class winners.

And of course a massive thank you to all those that attended and to every single volunteer who has worked tirelessly for days to bring this event to fruition. We can reveal that this years dog show made the fantastic sum of €4,700.

For photos taken by Marco from the Dirty but Happy group click here. Thank you Marco!


Obedience - Ring One - Judge: Anna - Steward: David Russell
* Novice obedience (dog has never won an obedience prize)
Winner: Christoph handled by Maria Guerreo Merida
Sponsored by Brio
* Open obedience
Winner: Harvey handled by Maren
Sponsored by Libby
* Junior handler ( under 14 years )
Winner: Unknown
Sponsored by Jo Melville
* Dog with the waggiest tail
Winner: Scamper handled by Michael Leets
Sponsored by DHS Judge Steve Davies
* Best trick (beginners)
Winner: Alfie handled by Adriano Balestrino
Sponsored by Hebe
* Best trick (advanced)
Winner: Bamba handled by Javier del Rio
* Musical sit
Winner: Christoph handled by Maria Guereo Merida
Sponsored by Kate and Ellis Armstrong, Judged by stewards

General - Ring Two - Judges: Nazli and Steve - Stewards: Jane and Marco
* Puppy (from six months to 18 months)
Winner: Molly handled by Tony Shaw
Sponsored and judged by Pointer Clinic
* Dog most like its owner
Winner: Bex and Jenni Smith
Sponsored by Miss Moneypenny, Judge: Steve Davies
* Adult (18 mths to 5 yrs)
Winner: Brooklyn handled by Alvaro Infante
Sponsored by Jackie and Paul Sanderson, Judge: Nazli
* Best Ex Adana Dog
Winner: Bruno handled by Emilio Begney
Sponsored by Love Estepona, Judge: Steve Davies
* Senior (6 to 9 years)
Winner: Dende handled by Nerea Torres
Sponsored by Sophie and Tinker Bell, Judge: Nazli
* Best Spanish breed
Winner: Tigger handled by Anita Dear
Sponsored by Viva Estates, Judge: Nazli
* Señor Estepona
Winner: Chico handled by Evelyn Ritchie
Sponsored and judged by CV Puerto Alto
* Veteran (10 years and over)
Winner: Bex handled by Jenni Smith
Sponsored by Pippa, Judge: Nazli
* Señorita Estepona
Winner: Reina handled by Daniela Caballero
Sponsored by Love Estepona, Judge: Steve Davies
* Judges' favourite
Winners: Bruno handled by Gary Begney, Haribo handled by Elise Looyens, Daffy handled by Sally Russell and Bex handled by Ray
Sponsored by Avalon, Judge: All judges

Agility - Ring Three - Judge: Sabrina Hope
* High jump small dogs
Winner: Mia handled by Amy Kabel
Sponsored by Jayne and Bill Fisher
* High jump large dogs
Winner: Zafira handled by Jose Usero Vilchez
Sponsored by Venta Garcia
* Agility course small dogs
Winner: Molly handled by Tracy Mellor
Sponsored by Black Tower
* Agility course large dogs
Winner: Umpy handled by Rosa Refevere
Sponsored by CV Tamara

Best in Show - Ring Two - Judges: All judges - Stewards: David and Ruth
Winner: Brooklyn handled by Alvaro Infante
Reserve: Christoph handled by Maria Guereo Merida
Sponsored by Clear Focus