Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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MARCEL - D3374 - Awaiting Adoption

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Height in cm:45

Year of Birth:2014

Arrival Date: 07/04/2015

UPDATE 20/02-17, Marcel has been in a foster home for a few months, as the shelter life is no good for him. Now he is back at the shelter. Here is, what his foster family says about him:

We had him for 2 months, as he was having problems in kennels. He is still very nervous and will escape at every opportunity. He has lost a little weight since he went back to the shelter but once in a home environment he eats well. He will now walk happily on a lead (which he did not before) and is house trained.
He is no problem at home, as he spends most of his time lying in his basket as he prefers to be alone, although now he will lie on your knee for a cuddle which he would never do before.
There is no problem leaving him he is quite happy for a few hours at a time. Marcel is a work in progress, and still needs a lot of socialising.
Anyone taking him would need some patience to get him to where he needs to be, but it would also be very rewarding. He is a lovely little chap who deserves a chance.


Finally caught and taken to Tamara vet this poor little chap had to have his collar surgically removed as it had embedded into his neck. Naturally, he was a little timid as he had been living rough for some time but he is a gentle boy, like most of his breed, who should get used to being around people and become a friendly, suitable pet. He just needs time for his wounds to heal and the opportunity to regain his trust in humans.

We are so proud of this little boy. He has finally realised that we are there to love him and not hurt him and he has started to trust. He gets on very well with his penmates and copies their lead and will now actually volunteer himself for a stroke - so lovely to see. He still needs to learn to walk on the lead but is happy to come out of his pen for a cuddle.

We know that he has the potential, he just needs someone with a big heart, patience and understanding to see this and take this little fella under their wing and let him tuck up on your lap, secure and happy for the rest of his life.


Contact: or 952-113-467 or 678-985-870