Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
CIF: G29463635

FRANK - D3169F - Awaiting Adoption


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Height in cm:55

Year of Birth:2014

Arrival Date: 07/06/2014

One of ten puppies born to the dog of a homeless man. The puppies were aged around 8 - 10 weeks on arrival and look as if they will grow to be medium to large sized dogs. Some have long legs, others quite short. Frank and his two lovely brothers are still waiting for a home of their own...
Frank is a boy with pale brindle fur and all four feet have white toes.

It seems sometimes that Frank and his brothers Dan and Choco have resigned themselves to the fact that they will spend the rest of their life at the shelter, as they are often seen just sitting together in their pens staring into space...

Frank has turned into a bit of a looker! He is a very friendly, happy dog who absolutely loves going out for walks. He also loves kisses and cuddles. When you go into his pen he loves attention and likes to nuzzle his head in your neck and lick you. He gets on well with some other dogs and, although he has grown up in the shelter he often gets out for walks and is well socialised with people and children.

Frank is the sort of dog that would respond well to training. He already demonstrates a loyalty to certain humans at the shelter and is very responsive to them. He has lots of energy and would suit a family that could give him the time and attention he craves.

Please enquire about this very lovely boy, as he is wasting his life away at the shelter.





Contact: or 952-113-467 or 636-934-146