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Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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DAN - D3169D - Now Adopted

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Colour:Black and Tan

Height in cm:67

Year of Birth:2014

Arrival Date: 07/06/2014

One of ten puppies born to the dog of a homeless man. The puppies were aged around 8 - 10 weeks on arrival. Dan is a boy with black & tan fur. His legs are brindle. Dan and two of his brothers are still waiting for a home...

It seems sometimes that Dan and his brothers Frank and Choco have resigned themselves to the fact that they will spend the rest of their life at the shelter, as they are often seen just sitting together in their pens staring into space...

Dan has grown into the largest dog of the litter. He has long legs and a very dark coat. A handsome boy who loves people and is very playful.

He loves his food and the treats he cleverly manages with soulful eyes to wheedle out of us - this would be an ideal way to train him. He walks well on a lead and is very obedient on his walks, especially if he can smell out a treat in an unsuspecting pocket. He is the most lovable rogue and a firm favourite with the volunteers.

Last year Dan attended our Valentine event in Estepona and whilst initially was very boisterous, he soon settled down and enjoyed meeting people and other dogs. Ideally Dan would need a home with plenty of outside space to stretch those long legs as well as regular exercise. He is a big strong dog and therefore would need a confident owner, basic obedience training would also be advisable.

It is impossible to understand why he has not yet found his forever home, but maybe his size is a factor. He has so much love to give.

Please enquire about this special chap as he is wasting his life away at the shelter.


Contact: or 952-113-467 or 636-934-146