Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
CIF: G29463635

ANNA - 4022 - Awaiting Adoption


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Breed:Mastin Cross


Height in cm:68

Year of Birth:2017

Arrival Date: 03/11/2017

Ana was found wandering around the parking lot of Supersol in Sabinillas. She is able nine months old on arrival.
She is a beautiful sweet girl who just wants to be cuddled. She will come up to you and put her head in your lap and would happily stay like that all day.
She walks well on the lead, although she is a bit uncertain when you put it on her. She likes to run, as long as she is running toward you, or you are running with her. She wants to be as close to people as possible, but can feel nervous when there is a lot going on around her. She gets on well with other dogs, but prefers that all the attention is on her.
She is very stressed at the shelter so needs a loving family as soon as possible.

Her weight is about 35 kg.

Update 21/1-18
Anna attended an event today in Manilva where there were many people and just as many dogs. She was very interested in greeting other dogs and sniffing around. She really enjoyed being out and about amongst all the people and dogs. Anna travelled very well in the car and was all in all a very good girl!




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