Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
CIF: G29463635

ELSA - 3932 - Awaiting Adoption


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Height in cm:67

Year of Birth:2015

Arrival Date: 22/05/2017

Elsa - our gorgeous gentle girl...
Elsa was found chained up to the gate to Adana in May 2017. She was pregnant and had seven beautiful puppies a week after her arrival. She is thought to be about 2,5 years old on arrival.
In the beginning Elsa was very timid and would hide in any place she could, but with time, patience and love from the volunteers at Adana, she has blossomed into a lovely natured dog that is now so much more confident. She still can be a bit timid when meeting people for the first time, but once she knows you she is playful and affectionate. We are very proud of her and how far she has come in the time she has been at Adana.
Elsa gets on well with every dog she meets and really enjoys being with other dogs. When she meets a doggy friend on a walk, or even a dog she hasn’t met yet, she will go up to them to see if they want to play. When they respond in a playful manner, she is so happy because she loves having fun and playing!
However, when she is in her pen she spends most of the day just lying in the sun by herself. She has been at Adana for almost a year now and we don’t understand why nobody has come to steal this beauty away.

UPDATE 23/11-2017
Elsa went to Estepona with her pen mates for a little walk today. We were surprised how well she did as it was her first time out of the shelter since arriving. She travelled well in the car, walked well on the lead and even cautiously greeted some new people that wanted to touch her. We think with a little more time, she will become more confident with new people that she meets.

UPDATE 23/2-2018
Today Elsa and 2 of her pen-mates, Lula and Yoda, went to the coffee morning in Estepona Port. Elsa had been out on an excursion before, but she still isn’t used to being in a car so was a little restless in the backseat. As soon as we arrived though, she jumped out of the car and happily went to explore all the new smells. At the café, there were quite a few people and a few new dogs to meet as well. Elsa was more interested in greeting the dogs than the people. She was a bit timid if people approached her too quickly. We decided to go for a walk and take the dogs to a quieter café for a little while and they loved it! They were so well-behaved, and Elsa even closed her eyes for a little while, she was so happy and relaxed.

Her weight is about 29 kg. (Nov 2017).





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